Potting Parties at Annual Ambiance

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Potting Party season is fast approaching, and Sarah is busy booking parties!  If you’d like to have one of your own this year give Sarah a call (616) 405-3700.

What is a potting party you may be wondering?

A Potting Party at Annual Ambiance is an opportunity to plant your patio containers with the assistance of our trained container artistes before anybody else in your neighborhood has even thought about spring.  This is your chance to enjoy planting your beautiful containers, without having to worry about any of the cleanup.  Annual Ambiance provides quality plants, soil (top quality Canadian Sphagnum moss potting soil with time release fertilizer, this is the same soil we use in our 90,000 square foot production greenhouse), and the assistance of our container artists to help you design the best container combination for this coming summer.  Once your containers are planted we will care for them until May when it is warm enough for them to move outdoors, all you do is back your vehicle up to the greenhouse and take your beautiful containers home to enjoy  all summer long.
Potting Parties are meant to be a low stress opportunity to spend time with friends and family while playing in the dirt before anybody else gets to.  What could be better than spending a couple of hours with some good friends amongst growing plants on a chilly March evening?  We encourage hostesses to bring appetizers and beverages of their choice, along with some fun loving friends to spend the evening with.

Come And  have fun, leave the work up to us!

If you would like to hostess a party of your own this year there are still spots available, but they are going fast.

If you have questions contact Sarah (616-405-3700) or click here to email us.

Also, hostesses we would love to see some of the pictures you took during your parties.  You might even see yourselves right here when you return.  If you would like to share your pictures with us you can post them on our Annual Ambiance Facebook page.